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Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers

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As partners of OLEV approved providers, our systems are approved and compatible with all plug-in hybrid vehilces and electric vehicles. We offer:

                                        Workplace Chargers


                                        Visitor Chargers



thereby providing you with the facilities to offer electric vehicle charging for your company electric vehicles, electric vehicles visiting your premises as well as facilities for your employees who choose to upgrade to an EV.

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With monitoring and control you are in-charge of who uses your EV Chargers and how much they pay, offering easy management, measurement, cost control and potential revenue, it's as simple as this: 

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EV visitor customer and guest Charging norwich norfolk

Key Features

  • Connect 1 Pay kiosk to 4 Chargers

  • Contactless payment

  • Revenue generation ability

  • 3.6kW to 22kW charging speeds

  • 3-year product warranty

  • Compliant with18th Edition IET Wiring 

Visitor & Guest Charging

Fleet Charging

Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging Hub

Fleet EV Charging norwich norfolk

All current charging technology speeds

Electric (EV) Charging Capacity Speeds norwich norfolk

EV Cloud

Manage all your charging with Smart Charging Logic via the Cloud allowing you access yo your our bespoke EV management platform. The Cloud provides you with full control, full access and a full view of activity.

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EV chargers norwich norfolk

Call us today for a free site visit, survey and quotation by one of our friendly EV Charge Point surveyors:

01603 555210