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emergency Tube battens LED Ready- T8 Single or twin

A unique product from LED Technology Pro,  the LED-ready tube batten, available as both twin and single with emergency 3 hour function.

Simply install the LED tubes (either 4000K or 6000K T8 LED, LED tubes not included) and the batten will blend well with all the other battens in the area and, if required, this batten will act as your emergency lighting for up to 3 hours. (3 hour maintained unit.)

No need for separate lighting to fulfil your emergency lighting requirements.

Has the flexibility of taking replacement tubes rather than throwing away the whole unit when individual LED tube comes to the end of its life.

Manufactured in the UK to customer requirements.

- Robust steel body
- White gloss powder coated finish
- Polycarbonate end-caps



Emergency LED Tube Batten

Contact us now on either

0203 0265 203 or 01603 555210

Emergency LED Tube Batten Spec.JPG

  ORDER CODE                   DESCRIPTION
LTP118/EMG3HR    1x18W T8  Emergency Batten
LTP136/EMG3HR    1x36W T8  Emergency Batten
LTP158/EMG3HR    1x58W T8  Emergency Batten
LTP170/EMG3HR    1x70W T8  Emergency Batten
LTP218/EMG3HR    2x18W T8  Emergency Batten
LTP236/EMG3HR    2x36W T8  Emergency Batten
LTP258/EMG3HR    2x58W T8  Emergency Batten
LTP270/EMG3HR    2x70W T8  Emergency Batten

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