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Natrele LED Lamps

woman looking grey due to bad lighting
woman looking great due to led lighting which picks up natural skin tones and pigments

Low-Blue Spectrum LED Lighting


Skin tone friendly LED lighting for changing rooms, shops, clothing retailers, beauty therapists, beauty salons, hairdressers and hairdressing salons, nail salons, image consultants

Natrele is a range of LED Lighting designed to help highlight,  lift  and compliment your natural skin tones; it helps avoid that washed-out look. You know the feeling, you get into a lift with a mirror and you spend the whole time avoiding looking at yourself. This is simply because the wrong lights have been installed. You look a whole lot better than that.

Well think what your customers feel like when they try-on that wonderful outfit in your store or try some new cosmetics with you or come for the to-die-for hair - do they feel a million dollars or does your lighting make them feel they should get out - just like they want the lift ride to end?

With an investment in Natrele LED lighting your customers will want to stay longer with you rather than looking elsewhere.

Natrele LED Lighting is offered specifically to work with natural skin tones and pigments so you get all the advantages of LED lighting - significant reductions in electricity usage, significant reductions in maintenance, significant reductions in CO2 emissions - but with clear, bright, quality light which highlights natural skin tones something conventional LED lighting fails to deliver.

Contact us today for a Natrele consultation and start the journey to getting the right lighting - an investment in the right LED lighting will pay dividends in customer retention.

Man under conventional LED lighting looking washed out

Which LED lighting would you choose?


Man under QuartzNatrele LED lighting enjoying great looking skin and natural skin tones

....or this which offers excellent skin tones and natural looking skin?

Where would your customers be more comfortable, happy and stay longer?

How LED Lighting can compliment skin tones?

Natrele LED Lighting gives a light rich at the very spectral emission points where the light is vital in order to highlight natural pigment in the skin and bring out the best in skin tones. 

Standard LED Lighting is excellent at highlighting colours from purples, through to blues and into greens within the colour spectrum - a function it does very well and very efficiently - but it performs less well with pinks and reds within the colour spectrum - the very type of light under which we, as human beings, look our best. 

The Natrele range of LED lighting has been developed to offer LED lighting to allow human beings to look their best.

Call us today to discuss how you can enhance your lighting environment with Natrele LED Lighting.


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