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LED Technology Pro Completes Innovation LED Warehouse Lighting Scheme - 29th January 2021

Driven by the need to comply with ever-increasing energy efficiency demands in order to be eligible for a Lincolnshire County Council grant, a Sleaford-based company has turned to LED Technology Pro to supply and install its new LED lighting scheme.

Aware that changing the lamps would not be enough LED Technology Pro tackled the site with an innovative approach.

In the warehouse, LED Technology Pro's surveyors identified that installing a new layout would increase the efficiency of light penetration as a ceiling-high racking system was to be installed in the warehouse. A full lighting survey was undertaken with LED lighting diagrams and drawings produced for discussion with the customer. This demonstrated that LED Technology Pro's advanced LED Warehouse Highbay Lamps would give a saving in electricity usage of over 62% and a reduction of carbon emissions of over 60%; something demonstrable to all stakeholders including customers and Lincolnshire County Council.

Further, LED Technology Pro fitted motion sensors which further reduced consumption and emissions as the LED Warehouse Lights automatically dim to 50% when no movement is detected and then completely shut off automatically if then no further movement is detected, coming on again when new movement is detected.

LED Technology Pro's AutoDim  technology had also been fitted to these LED Warehouse lights which works concurrently with any natural light coming into the commercial working area and dims to given, pre-prescribed Lux levels thus maximising energy consumption efficiencies and minimising carbon emissions.

Completed ahead of time this project of commercial LED lighting has been a success for both the customer and LED Technology Pro showing yet another step in the progress towards ultra low energy usage in the installation of both commercial LED lights as well as LED warehouse lighting.

As a consequence LED Technology Pro will be rolling-out its programme of efficient commercial LED lighting across Lincolnshire and also Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Now that it had been demonstrated that innovative LED warehouse lighting is an affordable step forward, LED Technology Pro invites other organisations to benefit from a free quotation for Commercial LED Lights.

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