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Cathedral - Let There be Light

Let there be light – 21st century style – in St. Edmundsbury Cathedral

LED Technology Pro has helped St Edmundsbury Cathedral step out into the light, 21st century style.

The company has completely re-lit the beautiful gothic Cathedral in the heart of Bury St Edmunds using latest technology lighting, overcoming the challenge of keeping the light feel warm and welcoming, in such a massive old building. And it has helped the Cathedral cut costs and reduce its carbon footprint too.

Despite its grandeur and all the good works which continue within its thick stone walls, the Cathedral needs to keep-in-mind the challenges and solutions of the 21st century. In the past lighting such a vast building has been a major undertaking, not least because of the amount of electricity used.

Maintaining and changing the bulbs can be a real problem because many are so high and inaccessible. And it’s vital to safeguard the warm lighting and aesthetics - after all people who use the Cathedral want to ‘feel’ a warm and beautiful environment.

So at the beginning of the year Head Verger, Rachel Clover, set-about mission lighting. Energy Consultant Julian Colman from Savings in Business Energy was brought-in to advise on possible energy-savings solutions and Jonathan Whitbread of LED Technology was brought-in to advise on lighting and lamps. Both are local businesses.

Julian and Jonathan were given the challenge of tackling 856 individual lamps in the Chancel. Their mission was to achieve a large reduction in electricity consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance but at the same time lighting the large area to the same levels, with the same warm light yet achieving lower costs.

Julian Colman and LED Technology were up to the challenge. They carried-out many hours of product testing in order to achieve the same ambiance and very importantly, to achieve lamp reliability which is essential in a Cathedral whose lamps hang high above you.

The result using an Histo