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Raise a Glass to LED

A leading Norfolk Winery has embraced the battle against CO2 carbon emissions by installing low energy, high light output LED lights from LED Technology Pro.

By choosing LTP UFO High Bay lamps, the warehouse areas dramatically reduce their power consumption by 62.5%, an estimated 858kWh per year per lamp, with carbon emissions reduction per lamp of half a tonne each year.

Norfolk Winery installs low energy LED Lights from LED Technology Pro

The company has also seen the benefits of better light quality within the potentially hazardous warehouse environment with applause from the Health and Safety folk as well as a big thumbs up from the great men and women who work each day under these new LED lamps; one worker quipping "We'd have been twice as fast if these new lights had been put in before!"

LED Lighting for Bottling Line

Vital improvements in lighting conditions have helped to secure already excellent HACCP standards with the installed LED lights offering superior illumination throughout, but most importantly at each and every critical point.

For this winery LED lighting and LED Technology Pro have become vital components in its success. John, Operation Manager commented "We should definitely have installed LED lights a while ago; thinking you are saving money by not just getting on with things, by holding onto your old lighting is a fools game. We estimate that we should easily recoup our investment in around 2 years, we get accelerated capital allowances and we can demonstrate reduced carbon to all our stakeholders. In fact this must be one of the most straightforward ways of doing it."

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