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Fire Fires Norfolk LED Lighting

A world-leading Norfolk manufacturer of fire protection equipment has chosen LED Technology Pro to light its world.

Facing huge competition from many other UK and European suppliers LED Technology Pro won over offering the highest Lumen output per Watt of all lamps tested by the company, supplied at a cost comparable or below any other.

For intense engineering areas where ultra-high Lux levels are required, Production Director Chris commented, "We compromised by accepting the budget would only allow us to achieve around 850 Lux but after LED Technology Pro had installed, we were achieving over 1000 Lux which we wanted in the first place - without adding any more lamps and still reducing our electricity consumption for lighting by nearly half."

Maintenance Manager Garry added, "Of all those lamps supplied, and we have a vast factory, you would expect some lamps to fail. Well only one has and do you know? The replacement was in my hands 7 working hours after reporting the problem to LED Technology Pro. Quality lamps are one thing, quality suppliers are hard to find. That's doing business in Norfolk with a Norfolk company"

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