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Better Outputs with Fewer Inputs - Magic?

CPi, the UK's leading book printing company has put its new year's resolution into action by slashing its electricity bill for lighting by over 60% and reducing its CO2 emission by 214 tonnes.....and the solution in the end was nothing more than straightforward.

Back in November a team from LED Technology Pro was invited to survey one of CPi's factory and warehouse facilities to advise on electricity consumption and carbon emission reduction approaches. However there was another target the team had to reach. Not only did they need to save and reduce but at the same time they needed to improve lighting quality - tasks which at first would appear challenging and perhaps mutually exclusive. In a nutshell, the brief was to lower inputs but improve outputs.

In-depth factory and warehouse surveys showed interesting results illustrating the need to upgrade existing old-tech lighting to new state-of-art LTP LED lighting; this achieved fantastic outcomes. As one senior manager commented, "If you needed a before and after study, this is it". And after installation, yes reductions were achieved and yes, lighting quality was improved, from something that old-tech can never offer, to what LTP technology can demonstrably offer; a brighter more pleasant enironment and perhaps better productive surroundings. There have been many studies linking lighting quality with productivity.

Installation of LTP Factory and Warehouse LED lighting now complete, electricity usage has been reduced by 60+% and 214 tonnes of CO2 eliminated each and every year. Congratulations to CPi on its commitment and action.

For more information see or call 0203 0265 203 / 01603 555210


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