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Your Bit Towards Net Zero - Done

Popular choice: Upgrade factories & warehouses to LED.

Combined equipment installed by customers of local business LED Technology Pro is now helping to achieve the UK’s net zero target.

LED Technology Pro is a professional installer of commercial and industrial LED lighting which helps organisations reduce both CO2 emissions and their electricity bills.

By simply changing their lighting to LED, which is perhaps the easiest way of achieving an immediate reduction in CO2 emissions, and of course those ever-increasing electricity bills, together Norfolk and Suffolk businesses save:

  • Every year over 1250 tonnes of CO2

  • Every month over 100 tonnes of CO2

  • Every day nearly 3 ½ tonnes

In a year this is like eliminating over 2033 flights from London to New York. Changing lighting to LED usually over halves carbon emissions and it can be up to a 90% saving depending on the type of existing lamp and the LED lamp installed. Further advantages include demonstrating carbon reduction to customers and to the wider community; it shows you care and that you are prepared to do something about it.

Increasingly customers are demanding more when they purchase products and services; they want to know that the businesses they buy from are on-board with the programme to cut emissions. Few now just look the other way. Green is right and customers, quite rightly, buy from green businesses.

Something further that businesses need to be aware of is that The UK Government is demanding that larger companies now report their CO2 emissions. How long will it be until this trickles down to medium-sized and then small companies, demanding they do the same? One immediate and straightforward step is to follow the example others and replace existing lighting with quality LED.

Shops and showrooms: LED improves light quality and customer experience.

LED lighting can improve employee environment and productivity.


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