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Plain Sailing - Warehouse LED Lighting Suffolk

warehouse led lighting suffolk

Z Spars UK is a leading manufacturer of alloy masts, booms, rigging, spars and fittings for sailing yachts, exporting to all over the world. Manufacturing to such high standards necessitates the highest production environments - a significant element of which is the right lighting.

This is why this month Z Spars having chosen to upgrade their Suffolk plant to factory LED lighting, engaged LED Technology Pro to install cutting-edge commercial LED lighting giving the Suffolk factory a level of light quality which is critical in ensuring the advancement of Z Spar’s technically advanced manufacturing.

The roll-out of commercial led lighting in Suffolk did not end in the factory. The company has decided that since the quality of light has been so much improved, LED Technology Pro has been asked to extend LED lighting installation throughout the manufac

turing complex to include warehouse LED lighting, office LED lighting and canteen LED lighting.

These different working environments need varying light-engineering in order to optimise ideal working conditions. For instance in high-intensity engineering situations often higher Kelvin levels are called for, whereas in offices more often than not middle-range Kelvin levels are best to minimise glare from screens and paperwork. Alternatively in cafeteria areas often lighting is more akin to that used at home with softer hues allowing relaxation during break times.

So the whole project has been plain sailing covering warehouse LED lighting, factory LED lighting, office LED lighting and commercial LED lighting, all at Z Spars’ Suffolk facility. The result: a more productive and

pleasant working environment with the added bonus of cutting those electricity bills.


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