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Wine not Whine

This week LED Technology Pro completed its LED lighting upgrade of the Virgin Wines offices, marking completion of a two year relationship aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and electricity bills for this iconic company.

From the very start, the project with a combination of the right price, quality lighting and the right approach, which comes from years of experience and knowledge of the industry.

Taking each luminaire and painstakingly stripping down its components, refurbishing them and replacing constituent parts where necessary, LED Technology Pro created units fit for 2023 - all upgraded with energy efficient lighting – environment-friendly and respectful of the world’s precious resources.

The new LED office lighting made an immediate and very positive effect on the working environment, offering enhanced light quality as well as higher lux levels – all positives for Virgin’s staff. Their cycles of maintenance have been reduced as LED lighting has an enhanced life compared to conventional lighting, adding the further benefit of reducing disruption of working days.

A spokesman for LED Technology Pro, which is known for LED warehouse lighting, LED factory lighting as well as general commercial LED lighting said, “We are delighted with the result for Virgin Wine Ltd which is something we can both be proud of.”


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