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Reliable & Cost-Effective LED Lighting - buy direct from us, or ask us to install it, or simply ask our advice

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Norfolk led high bay warehouse lighting prices
LED High Bay Lighing Norfolk

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LED Technology Pro   Professional LED Installers

Consultants, Suppliers & Installers of Reliable LED Lighting

With LED Technology Pro as your partner, upgrading your premises to efficient LED lighting can be both straightforward and cost effective. With 5 years of experience within the LED lighting industry LED Technology Pro can draw on resources from across the UK and the world. With thorough research into customer needs and solutions, ever evolving products, efficiency updates and detailed safety aspects, we can offer anything from a simple lamp through to a turn-key solution; all within sensible cost considerations.

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About LED Technology Pro

Highly Trained, Highly Effective

As the local leaders in lighting industry since 2012, we can demonstrate good experience in the field. We love working with companies of all sizes and provide products to which can be summed up as "fit and enjoy the benefits". We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality lighting which adheres to the highest standards.

We have found LED solutions for a wide spectrum of clients; restaurants, wedding venues, retail establishments, historic and faith buildings, demanding designer clients, offices, schools, warehouses and factories.


Having installed LED lighting, all our clients have significantly reduced their energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance schedules, and at the same time improved working conditions, safety, light quality and display rendition.

By using Lumilife, Lusient HypaLux or QuartzLumen LED technology, often both the wattage & the number of light fixtures can be reduced and still the same or better light levels can be achieved.


We offer FREE sites visits, surveys and initial consultations which are matched with cost conscious, sensible LED solutions.


Our consultants will take the time to understand your needs and requirements and present in a profession and comprehensive manner. We believe our solutions will do the talking.


Contact us today to see how LED lighting can make the difference for you.

Warehouse lighting is as important as it is boring. However focussing on it and getting it out of the way, getting the job done so you can concerntrate on what you do best need not be tiresome nor expensive. Also LED warehouse lights can dramatically reduce your electricity and maintenace bills as well as demostrating to the world your commitment to reducing your carbon emissions - simples. 


Cantact us today to  ask how it all works with warehouse LED and get a free quote and cost reduction estimate.

                         01603 555210

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Norfolk LED Lighting
LED warehouse lighting norwich norfolk

Upgrading to LED Warehouse Lights must be the easiest and quickest way to immediately cut costs and overheads - with LED Technology Pro's LED Warehouse Lighting offers

Our most popular ranges

Our products are manufactured with best-in-class materials, and assembled using the finest and most advanced techniques on the market. We are proud to put our stamp of approval on every one of our goods, and are sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

LED High Bays
LED Office Lighting Norwich
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World Class Standards

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& surface

Top Quality


LED Warehouse Lighing Norwich
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Low Maintenance



As a leading Anglia LED Lighting company with experience of more than seven years directly helping customers find their commercial and industrial LED lights, we have built a reputation for reliabililty, fairness and quality throughout Anglia. LED lighting is our one and only focus so our expertise are not diluted, nor will you be bothered by salesman offering add-ons. If asked of course, we have access to many expert partner companies which offer excellent additions to LED lighting in Anglia, in the field of green technology which includes QuartzLumen Technology; all with your focus in mind: finding LED lights in Norfolk, Suffolk and East Anglia. Such partners supplying technology are Infoled, Infoled supply key products to our range.

Historic Buidling Lamp Collection

Historic Building Lamp Collection - LED Lighting for Historic Buildings

Our service to historic buildings is much more than providing LED lighting; it is having an empathy with the building, understanding its history and protecting that legacy in the modern translation of LED lighting. LED lighting is the responsible future but not at the expense of the essence and history of a building.

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