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LED Panel 600X600

Increasingly standard LED panels won't cut the mustard. If you are looking for fire-rated LED panels, you have found the right page. 

According to LUX Magazine:

LED Panels TP(a) or TPA:

These requirements are established by Building Regulations Approved Document B setting out the fire safety of buildings.

Section B2 covers internal fire spread.

Thermoplastic materials undergo specific tests to certify whether they can to withstand the application of heat and fire.

TP(a) usually relates to polycarbonate diffusers of about 3mm thick. 

The testing procedure requires that the material self-extinguishes and any flaming and afterglow must not exceed five seconds once the source of flame is removed.

There is no restriction on the use of TP(a)-rated diffuser material.

LED Panels Norwich

Pyropanel or TP(b) rated LED panels supplied directly to you

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Fire-Rated LED Panels:

TP(a) LED Panels

600x600 TP(b) Panels

600x600 TP(b) Panel Lights

& Pyropanel LED Panels

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