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Looking All Washed-Out?

Un-tuned LED Lighting effect

Tuned LED Lighting Effect

This year I visited a clothes shop, grabbed a few things I liked and headed for the changing room. The experience didn't leave me feeling good about myself. The shop had missed a trick, or most likely didn't fully appreciate the importance of good lighting.

Sure the store had upgraded to LED, a no-brainer in 2016 but they hadn't fine-tuned the LED lighting to get the best out of its environment.

LED can be refined before installation so that whatever you are presenting is presented at its best; in this case it was me trying-on their range of clothing.

Under their light I looked washed-out and tired. So I was not enthusiastic about staying; not enthusiastic about buying.

Under a refined LED installation that could have been quite different. A refined LED installation could be tuned to emphasise both the natural skin tines of the human face and body as-well-as the vibrancy of the colours in the clothing.

So when you have your both customer and your clothing range looking their best you are most likely to see happy customers and increased sales.

Have a look at the Natrele range at:

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